Dr Ilana Gory

Dr Ilana Gory is a Melbourne based gastroenterologist and hepatologist who combines public practice at The Alfred Hospital with a private practice in Prahran. Ilana has a broad range of interests in the field of gastroenterology. She investigates and treats all gastroenterological complaints including functional gut disorders, bowel cancer screening, liver disease and inflammatory bowel disease.


Ilana is committed to improving the health outcomes of patients and providing medical care with a holistic and caring approach. She values the importance of communication and taking the time to explain medical conditions, procedures and treatments required so patients and families have a good understanding of their health issues.

Ilana studied medicine at Monash University and graduated in 2006. Following this she completed physician training at the Alfred Hospital and her specialist gastroenterology training at The Alfred and Austin Hospitals. After completing her fellowship she was awarded a prestigious GESA postgraduate research scholarship for her PhD looking at the development of colorectal cancer and adenomas in patients with Cystic Fibrosis. Her individual and collaborative research has been presented both nationally and internationally and has led to multiple peer reviewed publications. She is actively involved in undergraduate and postgraduate medical training

Ilana offers endoscopy services at The Avenue Hospital, Jolimont Endoscopy Centre, and The Epworth Hospital (Richmond) with admitting rights at The Epworth and Avenue Hospitals. Open access gastroscopy and colonoscopy is available. Patients who are uninsured and require endoscopy can be seen in her private rooms and waitlisted for procedures at The Alfred Hospital.

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